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Great article! I love vintage music & instruments. Yes, keyboards lost their soul in '80s-90s pop.

Looks like Langlois is playing a Fender Precision? Right?
(The visible body tail doesn't look angled enough to be a Jazz. Nor does it have fretboard blocks like late 60s-70s J-basses.)

Brian Steckler

I had a piano teacher when I was in high school that had a Rhodes, a Clav and a Juno-106 that he brought over to my house and set up in my living room. Exposure to those keyboards at that time was pivotal in the course of my career in music.

Reid Davis

Fantastic story. And now I know what I'm listening to the rest of the day: "In A Silent Way," "Headhunters," "Songs In The Key Of Life..." etc. etc. Such great sounds.

Jordan Singleton

Pretty awesome story, man!
A couple years ago, when I was attending Belmont, I was describing to my dad the API console we had just bought to put in RCA Studio B. Dad got a sudden, faraway look in his eyes and whispered "I worked that console. It belonged to so-and-so and I used his recording truck all the time." Sure enough, Belmont had bought so-and-so's truck, and now I was learning audio basics on the same pots and faders. That's my best full-circle story.

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