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Reid Davis

T-Bone Burnett is practically street-preacher-evangelical about this production philosophy. (The man worships at the church of the overtone, the sympathetic vibration and the happy accident, and I certainly can't fault him for that.)

Nice work!

DUB Turbo

Nice job Charlie. Thanks for this article you inspired me along with my music :)

Allison Rizk

Charlie, you did a phenomenal job capturing the essence of these two outstanding musicians and songwriters. They are captivating from start to finish and it's so exciting seeing the white hot interest behind the music. Love this article!


love the whole album--the recording style obviously really works well and I hope more return to that.

I was at breakfast this morning and some TV station was running a top 20 video countdown (silent in the restaurant, brilliant) and Barton Hollow was on as a "Bonus Video". (CMT maybe? Don't watch much TV but recognized the vid from online.)


LOVE these quotes:

"So in that regard it is a return to an older production style and a departure from cutting a track and putting the vocals on somewhere near the end of the process."

"...people are responding to a recording of people in a room making music together. Not music and lyrics that they're just getting to know, but music they've rehearsed, know, and love."



Congratulations to everyone! We are grateful for the music.


Here's my review of The Civil Wars live: http://dailysoundtrack.com/2011/the-civil-wars-live/

Good stuff.

Matt Kees

really a great record... you captured the 'voice' of the Civil Wars... great songs, great performances... well done. You are an influence in my new endeavors. I have just about enough space to capture such a duo... with a small project studio, that's about the room I have. But I'm preaching to my clients the importance of capturing performances... we're not recording songs (well, we are) but we're capturing the emotion of the performances. even if we're doing virtual sessions... much more important than laying down tracks... thank you for the insight and mentorship from afar :)

had a chance to meet Andy Leftwich at our CMS a couple years ago, playing w/ Doyle Dykes. Amazing!

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